National Gallery of Australia

Most countries have a National Gallery which houses the nation's most prized artworks and honours its greatest artists - this is Australia's. It was established in 1967 by the Government of Australia as a national public art gallery. The National Gallery of Australia is located in the parliamentary triangle on the south side of Lake Burley Griffin. It is adjacent to the High Court of Australia and within walking distance to Old Parliament House. Entry fees apply to specific exhibitions. Visit more than 100,000 works of art and world-class art exhibitions at the National Gallery of Australia.

See the famous Blue poles. Discover Australian art, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, Asian art and international art. Wander through the Art of the Indian Subcontinent Gallery for the largest collection of art, sculptures and textiles in the region outside of India. Be sure to visit the dedicated Pacific Arts Gallery.

You can immerse yourself in a rich array of Aboriginal art in the National Gallery of Australia. A total of 13 galleries now showcase more than 7,500 works, from dot and bark paintings to watercolours, textiles, prints, ceramics and sculptures. Meander through different rooms, learning about the landscapes, Dreaming legends and historic events entwined with each art tradition. This important collection is a living, evolving expression of the world's oldest living culture.

Aboriginal art is incredibly diverse but also unified, with stories and themes that consistently draw on the land and its spirituality. Wandering through the huge collection of the National Gallery of Australia, you can truly appreciate the variety of artistic styles and mediums, as well as the common inspirations.

Each gallery space showcases Aboriginal art from a particular time period or region, such as the exhibition of Aboriginal artefacts from the 1800s. Discover spears, didgeridoos, baskets, ceremonial tools and objects that have weathered the test of time due to the skill and imagination of their creators. Another room exhibits the ancient bark paintings and sculptures of western Arnhem Land. Get up close to the distinctive X-ray designs found in Kakadu National Park and see Dreamtime ancestors depicted on crosshatching.

All gallery works belong to the people of Australia and are preserved and presented for your enjoyment and education.

Contact: (02) 6240 6411.

Location: Parkes Place, Parkes, ACT. How to get there: by car, proceed from Canberra City Centre north along Commonwealth Ave., left into King Edward Tce., left into Parkes Place.