Pennyroyal Valley

Pennyroyal Valley is an oasis of rural tranquillity a short scenic drive from Lorne and the Great Ocean Road. Pennyroyal is next to the main inland road (between Lorne, Birregurra and Colac), 20 minutes from Lorne and 70 minutes from Melbourne s Westgate Bridge.

Located at the footsteps of the Otways, the Pennyroyal Valley is a lush fertile valley, famous for its Dairy and Raspberry farms for more than a century, running back to the foothills and Otway National Park, from the quirky rural community of Deans Marsh. Wild apples and plums ripen by the road and stream bearing witness to the areas fruitful past. Today s visitors can now choose from a variety of holiday options, cafes, pick your own berry farms (Nov to March)  strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, bramble berries, and wineries. Berry picking is a fun and enjoyable activity for the whole family, and is particularly popular with children. Deans Marsh and the Pennyroyal Valley are also a great way to start your journey throughout the Otway Ranges and the Great Ocean Road.

Nearby hinterland towns such as Moriac, Bambra, Deans Marsh, Birregurra and Winchelsea have plenty of tales to tell about the efforts of the colonial pioneers of the 1800s. You ll find some of Australia s most famous pioneering names associated with them. Today, the towns retain their unique characteristics and in many cases are building reputations as places to stay, with comfortable bed and breakfast cottages.

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