Region: Far West and Outback

Outback New South Wales is a land of rugged natural beauty with iconic red earth, enormous, wide-open spaces under bright blue skies and ancient and spectacular landforms. Visitors are invariably awestruck by the profound impact of space, the myriad of stars in the night sky and the ever-present wildlife. In addition, the outback is full of fascinating characters, history, bird life and wildflowers, it encompasses a whole world of interests.

The city of Broken Hill is an artificial oasis in the vast arid lands of far western NSW. A somewhat eccentric places with green parks and colourful gardens nestled in the shadow of mountains of mine tailings, it is home to a thriving community of artists who are driven to capture the vibrance, look and feel of the outback in their art.

Beyond Broken Hill are areas of vast red plains, dotted with rock ranges and small creeks, where the horizon is so vast and the plains to flat you can even see the curvature of the earth. Here too are the reminders of past European travellers and settlers who tried and failed to tame this harsh environment. Their legacy remains in the wells the dug, the mines they worked and crumbling ruins of the homesteads and outbuildings they erected.

How To Get There

By road: west from Sydney via Great Western Highway through the Blue Mountains. The major towns and cities of the region are connected to Sydney by rail. The lines are serviced by XPT trains. The Indian Pacific (Sydney to Perth) train stops at Broken Hill.

Best Time To Go

being a semi arid region, summers are hot, and winters can be quite cold, particularly at nights. Spring (Sept-Nov) and Autumn (Mar-May) are the most comfortable times to travel through the region.

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