Region: New England

For travellers to and from Queensland, the New England region is an inland alternative to the coast road, however it is much more than just a place to travel through on the way from Point A to point B. New England is known as the Big Sky Country. Not only for its clear night skies but for the panoramic vistas of the countryside. Some of Australia's most beautiful National Parks are in New England, offering world renowned trout fishing, hiking, camping, nature tours and kayaking. History and heritage of bygone times, and all the things that make for a great holiday good food, quality accommodation, places of interest are all here to enjoy and make the inland road a truly memorable journey.

The New England region was first settled in the mid 1830s when pastoral companies and individual settlers took up large tracts of land in the Peel River Valley and the Tablelands to the north. The centres of Tamworth and Armidale, established in 1834 and 1835 respectively, became increasingly important as the region developed. Armidale today has a cosmopolitan atmosphere as it is known as the regional capital of education and culture. Tamworth has become the country music capital of Australia.

How To Get There

By road: by road north from Sydney via Pacific Highway to Newcastle, then the New England Highway via the New England region of New Soth Wales. By rail from Sydney via North Western railway line, serviced by XPT train servives.

Best Time To Go

The region can be visited all year around, though it can be quite cold at nights in winter. Autumn is perhaps the best time, with its display of gold foliage, maturing wines, ripening fresh produce and a variety of seasonal events.

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