Cameron Corner

One of the most well known ‘corner’s of the Australian outback is Cameron Corner, where the borders of the states of New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland meet. Here you can hit a golf ball out of NSW, it will fly over part of Qld before landing in SA. This is also where one can celebrate the New Year three times (also in Poeppel Corner and Surveyor Generals Corner), because it’s on the corner of three time zones. The roads and tracks in this region are generally earth-formed and corrugated but despite plenty of bulldust, are usually suitable for conventional vehicles with care.

Located about 1,400 kilometres west-southwest of Brisbane, Queensland, this corner is named for the surveyor, John Brewer Cameron, from the New South Wales Lands Department, who spent two years during 1880-82 marking the border between New South Wales and Queensland. Mr. Cameron erected a post there in September 1880 to mark its intersection with the border of South Australia. He placed a wooden marker every mile (1.6 km) eastwards along the interstate boundary.

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This general area, which includes Sturt Stony Desert in the Lake Eyre Basin, was first explored by Captain Charles Sturt, who in 1844 went in search of a supposed inland sea in the center of Australia.

New Year’s Eve occurs three times a year in Cameron Corner (also in Poeppel Corner and Surveyor Generals Corner), because it’s in the corner of three time zones.

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