An historic National Trust town in the sugar growing belt of Central Queensland.

Location: 325 km north of Brisbane; 60 km north of Maryborough; 52 km south of Bundaberg; 108 m above sea level.

Points of interest: Burrum Coast National Park (Burrum River; Burrum Point, 23,100 ha); Palm Beach; Coonarr Creek; Theodolite Creek; Gregory River; Hoppy Larks Creek; Elliott River, Palm Beach; Sea View Range; Woodgate National Parks; Soldiers Room Memorial; Isis Central Mill; localities of Burrum Heads, Howard, Torbanlea, Woodgate; Childers Pharmaceutical Museum; Olde Butcher Shoppe; Federal Hotel (1907); Court House (1897. 1900); Palace Hotel; Historical Complex; old Isis Central Mill School.

Brief history

The Childers area was first explored by Europeans in the 1850s. The town grew up around a stopping place for passing teamsters and as a service centre for the local pastoralists who moved into the area around the same time. In 1902 the town was virtually wiped out by a fire which demolished nearly all the buildings on one side of the main street. Those that survived are now the interesting and important buildings in the town.

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Origin of name

Named after Hugh Culling Eardley Childers (1827-1896), public servant and politician, MLC and MLA Victoria 1852-1857, British MP 1860-92, First Lord of the Admiralty 1868-71, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 1872-73, Secretary of State for War 1880-82, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1882-85 and Home Secretary 1886.

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