A sleepy service centre in a prosperous beef cattle grazing region.

Location: 425 km north-west of Brisbane, 230 km west of Maryborough and 192 metres above sea-level.

Places of interest: Eidsvold Entertainment Centre; Alice Maslen's Hitching Rail; 'Eidsvord' homestead (c.1849)

History: as well as a cattle farming centre, Eidsvold was a thriving goldmining town. Gold was found as early as 1858 in the area but not in sufficient quantities to encourage large numbers of prospectors. However, in 1887 there was a major find and the resulting rush created an overnight township. The town developed at the foot of Warden's Hill, which was the centre of mining activity.

Origin of name: Eidsvold was settled by Europeans in 1848 when the Archer brothers, Thomas and Charles, moved into the area establishing large stations which they called Eidsvold and Coonambula. The Archers were of Scottish descent but their family had moved to Norway in 1825. They named Eidsvold Station after a small town in Norway where the country's constitution had been signed in 1814.

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