Gin Gin

A small town which survives because of its location on the main highway north.

Location: 371 km northwest of Brisbane; 51 km west of Bundaberg.

Mystery Craters

Mystery Craters, halfway between Bundaberg and Gin Gin, are Australia's most baffling phenomenon. The origins of the 35 oddly shaped craters have remained the subject of controversy. The mottled mixture of sandstone and ochre stain have been the subject of many investigations and various theories have been offered.

Boolboonda Tunnel

One of the most interesting sights in the North Burnett region. Despite the fact that it extends 192m into the rock, it is unlined and unsupported. In fact it has the dubious distinction of being the longest unsupported tunnel in the Southern Hemisphere. The tunnel was originally built in 1883 for the railway line between Bundaberg and Mount Perry to service the copper mines. Now it is home to a colony of bent-winged bats and used to access residential properties.

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Brief history

Gregory Blaxland and William Forster the first Europeans to live in the area, moved there in 1847. The town is in a part of what used to be Gin Gin Station owned by Sir Thomas McIlwraith, (three times Premier of Queensland between 1879-93).

Origin of name: Derived from the Aboriginal "kwin kwin" in the Jinjinburra dialect of the Kabi language, it refers to the thick scrub of the hilly country in the Burnett Valley.

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