Home Hill

A sugar town which services the surrounding agricultural district, noted for its seemingly endless main street.

Location: 1271 km north of Brisbane; 88 km south of Townsville; 12 m above sea level.

Places of interest: Burdekin River; Cape Upstart National Park; Inkerman Sugar Mill; Ashworth's Rock Shop (gemstone factory); Silver Link (a bridge 1 097 m long); rice silos; St Stephens Greek Orthodox Church; RAAF Radar Station No. 221 (World War II relics)

Brief history: Home Hill is located on land that was part of the Inkerman Downs cattle station. The station was converted to sugar cane in 1911. The Inkerman sugar mill was opened in 1914 and its workers lived in what grew into the town of Home Hill. Rice was first grown in the area in 1968 and production has now reached such a level that it is sold throughout Australia and exported to the South Pacific and South East Asia.

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Origin of name: named in 1911 by Surveyor-General, it was originally going to be named 'Inkerman', after the Inkerman Downs Cattle Station at the locality. However, so the story goes, the sign writer couldn't spell and the town became known as Home Hill. The hill was a feature associated with the Battle of Inkermann, in the Crimean War in 1854. An alternative version of the name's origin says that the town was named after a Colonel Home who had distinguished himself in the Crimean War.

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