A small township that was a major centre a century or more ago. It is one of many outback towns that appears frozen in time and is today but a shadow of its former self.

Location: 117 km south of Ilfracombe; 1160 km from Brisbane.

Places of interest: Idalia National Park; Isis Downs Station (20 km south). Semi-circular in shape, prefabricated in England, shipped to Australia, and erected on site in 1911, the Isis Downs shearing shed was the first electrified shearing shed in Australia. It is still the largest shearing shed in Australia; Clancy's Overflow Hotel; Isisford Museum

Brief history: legend has it that Isisford came into existence in 1877 when two hawkers, William and James Whitman, broke an axle crossing the Isis River. They decided to settle on the banks of the river and over the next decade they virtually built the whole town.

Origin of name: Formerly named Whittown, Wittown or Whittington, the town's name is derived from Isis Downs pastoral run. It was given that name as its homestead was near the crossing place (ford) of the Isis River.

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