Low Isles

Situated on a large oval 200 hectare coral platform and consist of a small coral cay, Low Isles is a large mangrove island, mudflats, seagrass beds, and coral reefs. The islands are surrounded by 5.5 acres of coral reef very close to the islands, making it an ideal area for snorkellers. Living amongst the corals in the blue lagoon are a large variety of reef fish including angelfish, damselfish, anemones, giant trevally, sweetlip, fusilers and many green turtles are sighted daily.

The island boasts calm lagoon waters and a wide sandy beach complete with thatched umbrellas and a lighthouse. The University of Queensland's Low Isles Research Station housed in what was previously the assistant lighthouse keeper's house provides exciting and stimulating reef research projects for scientists and students. Visitors can go snorkeling offshore, go on a beach walk with a marine biologist, view the coral from a glass bottom boat, go swimming or simply relax on the beautiful beach.

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Low Isles is located in North Queensland, approximately 25km north east of Port Douglas in Trinity Bay. The island is part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Zone and receives daily visitors who come on tour boats to snorkel and dive.

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