An isolated outback community whose great claim to fame is that the local pub, now known as the Walkabout Creek Hotel, was featured in the original Crocodile Dundee movie as Dundee's regular drinking spot.

Location: 104 km south east of Cloncurry.

Brief history

Captain James Henry, the founder of Cloncurry, passed through the area in 1866. Gold was discovered on the McKinlay- Cloncurry road in 1872 and a small settlement sprang up. It wasn't until 1888 that allotments of land in McKinlay were sold and seventeen people bought half-acre blocks. The town grew as a service centre for the surrounding pastoralists but it was never going to become a major centre.

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Origin of name: the town was surveyed in January 1888 by John Thomas Embley (1858-1937) surveyor. He named it after John McKinlay (1819-1872) explorer, who saw and named the McKinlay River in 1861.

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