A service centre surrounded by fields of sugar cane.

Location: 1624 km north west of Brisbane; 6 km from Innisfail.

Places of interest: Etty Bay; Mourilyan Harbour; Hall Point; Double Point; Licuala State Forest; Kurrimine Beach National Park; Great Barrier Reef; Coral Sea; Australian Sugar Industry Museum; Paronella Park (rainforest and ruins); Natural History Museum (Etty Bay); localities of Cowley Beach, Japoonvale, Silkwood, El-Arish; Kurrimine Beach; Garners Beach, Bingil Bay

Origin of name: derived from the naming of Mourilyan Harbour in 1872 by Capt. John Moresby (1830-1922) hydrographer and explorer of HMS Basilisk, after his Lieutenant TL Mourilyan.

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Brief history

A Spaniard named Jose Paronella emigrated to Australia in 1911 to work on the local cane fields. He made his fortune and between 1930 and 1946, proceeded to build a huge mansion which included a ballroom, a cafe, a music pavilion and a remarkable 45-metre tunnel which led into a secret garden. 'Paronella Park' was his extraordinary and eccentric vision.

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