A sleepy country town with a history of mixed fortunes.

Location: 200 km from Charleville; 208 km from Barcaldine; 398 m above sea level.

Places of interest: Barcoo River; Salvator Rosa National Park; Marston Cave; Influenza Memorial (recalls an epidemic which was rampant in 1919); new Post Offices (1904); old Post Office (1876); Black's Palace Reserve (70 km north) a significant complex of Aboriginal drawings and artefacts.

Brief history

The oldest town in central western Qld, it was surveyed and gazetted in the early 1860s and settlement began in 1863. It became a stopping place for carriers, shearers and drovers who shared their experiences here. The town is today a mix of old and new - buildings from the Victorian era standing alongside those from the post-World War II years.

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Origin of name: derived from the name of a pastoral run used from 1869 by pastoralist Frederick Fanning. It is not known how Tambo was named. Possibilities include: an Aboriginal word for shady waters, hidden waters, hidden place, secluded spot, native gum resting place or fish; Tambo in Peru, South America; or Tambo in Victoria.

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