A quiet rural town on the NSW border beside the Dumaresque River whose boundaries cover a wide area of land, much of it undeveloped. Texas is on the Rural Getaway – a quiet alternate tourist route between Queensland and New South Wales.

Location: 101 km from Stanthorpe; 159 km from Tenterfield on the Dumaresq River.

Stretching from the Fossickers Way at Warialda in New South Wales and joining with the Country Way at Mundubbera in Queensland, the Rural Getaway provides the most direct route from Tamworth to Rockhampton.

Texas Heritage Centre & Tobacco Museum

This museum houses an ever-growing display of tobacco memorabilia tracing the growing of the crop from its establishment to its demise in the Dumaresq Valley. The centre is open Saturdays from 11am to 3:30pm.

Old Texas

The original township of Texas was built on the Dumaresq River flats and was moved to its present site after the devastating 1890 and 1921 floods. A few remains of old shops can still be seen today.

Texas Silver Mine

The original silver mine was open from 1893 to 1913 and deposits of silver/lead and silver/copper were mined. Mining has recently restarted at the site.

Other places of interest: Dumaresq River; Sundown National Park; Glenlyon Dam

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Brief history

Texas Station, one of the largest landholdings in the area, was established in 1842. By the 1870s, the district had become a leading tobacco producing area with most farms operated by Chinese. It had its own factory which converted the tobacco leaves into cakes and plugs. A flood on 28th March 1890 wiped out the tobacco factory and all that there was of the tiny settlement. The town moved 2 km north to higher ground. By the 1950s tobacco growing had fallen into decline, so much so that there is little evidence of tobacco growing today.

Origin of name: the name is derived from a pastoral run used by pastoralist Donald Norris McDougall from 1857. McDougall was from Texas in America, which was the subject of conflict between the USA and Mexico at the time. McDougall had to contest ownership of the run after temporarily abandoning it.

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