A small outback settlement on the edge of the desert. It is the headquarters for the Bulloo Shire, the third largest shire in Queensland, with an area of 73,500 square kilometres and a population of just 580 people.

Location: 1014 km west of Brisbane; 126 m above sea level

The Dig Tree near the South Australian border where William Brahe, left in command of Camp LXV by Burke and Wills, buried supplies and carved 'Dig' on 21st April 1861. Brahe, after waiting for months for Burke and Wills to return from their expedition to the Gulf, left the camp the day the starving and exhausted explorers returned.

Places of interest: Bulloo River; artesian bore (1891, depth of 795 metres, the water comes to the surface at 84 degrees).

Brief history: the town came into existence in the 1870s as a service centre for the area's pastoralists. It was gazetted in 1874.

Origin of name: derived from the local parish name, which was the name of a pastoral run nearby. It is reportedly an Aboriginal word, language and dialect not recorded, for the echidna.

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