Europe By Rail

When it comes to exploring Europe, the most hassle-free and comfortable travel option is rail. There are no airport check-in lines or being confined to your seat, and as railway stations in Europe are generally right in the middle of town, chances are your train will drop you within walking distance of your accommodation, no matter what your destination might be.

Ocean Cruising

Europe is a delightfully multifaceted cruise destination, with some of the world's most impressive coastal cities just a short boat ride apart. On just one Europe cruise, you can linger in the extravagant oceanfront principality of Monaco one day and stroll around the Colosseum in Rome the next, or experience Nordic hospitality in Oslo and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

River Cruising

In 1992, Europe's age-old maritime landscape changed dramatically. It was that year that the Main-Danube Canal opened, connecting the Continent's main arteries - and along with them, all of Europe. River cruising emerged to introduce an entirely new concept to Europe: that of floating hotels that journey between destinations. River cruises offer opportunities to step ashore in fairy tale towns and fabled cities. Immerse yourself in contemporary culture, and learn something about the history of the towns along the Continent's greatest rivers.


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Some of our favourites places in Europe

  • Salzburg, Austria

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  • Furth im Wald

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Aviation Museums

We visit Europe's best aviation and aeronautics museums.

Since the Wright Brothers flew the first aircraft in the world, the aviation sector has witnessed momentous changes over the years. The Aviation Museums around the world offer a great understanding of the history and also showcase the latest technology regarding the aviation.

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