Cape Paterson

Cape Paterson is situated on the southern coast of Australia, approximately 1.5 – 2 hours drive from Melbourne. The coastline here forms part of the Bunurong Marine Reserve which is recognised as being a unique area of marine flora, fauna and scenery. There is also a small fishing and holiday village named after the cape, which has a large influx of campers during the summer months.

Cape Paterson is known for its golden beaches, with fabulous rock pools, a pretty campground tucked away among the trees and street after street of wonderful old beach houses. the main beach boasts a massive seawater swimming pool created within the natural rocks along the shoreline. Because the pool is within the inter-tidal zone, it flushes with marine life every day, making it a perfect place to introduce children to the wonders of the ocean in complete safety.

Cape Paterson was named by Lieut. James Grant in 1801, honouring explorer Lieut. Col. William Paterson, who was 2nd in Command of the Botany Bay Settlement. Much later, when coal mining began at Wonthaggi, the miners were quick to recognise the fishing and recreational possibilities of the nearby coastline. Some of the miners built shacks and boathouses on the foreshore, and supplemented their income by catching fish and crayfish and selling them in town.

The mine closed in the late 1960’s but has remained a local attraction, with underground mine tours held daily. Today Wonthaggi, only 8km from Cape Paterson, has a large number of shops, supermarkets, a cinema, golf club, bowling club and a number of pubs.

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