A small pastoral town in the Wimmera servicing regional wheat, barley and sheep farmers.

Location: 365km north-west of Melbourne; 339 km east of Adelaide via Bordertown.

Brief history: the town was laid out in 1882 and served as a supply centre for local selectors. By 1887 there was a flour mill, two stores, a school, a mechanics' hall, an hotel and a blacksmith's. The only linkage to Nhill and Kaniva was by a desert track. A railway line to Natimuk was completed in 1894.
Origin of name: the local Aboriginal name for the magpie.

Things To See and Do

Events: The Lake Charlegrark Country Music Marathon is held on the 3rd weekend of February every year on the foreshore of Lake Charlegrark.

Natural features: Lake Charlegrark; Lake Ratzcastle; Johnson's Lake; Redgum Swamp; Bulls Lake; No Where Else Lake; Fire Shovel Swamp; Lake Booroopki; Broughton's Water Hole
Heritage features: 'Mortat House' and stables (1864)

Surrounding Area

Mt Arapiles - Tooan State Park

Mt Arapiles is a spectacular feature rising sharply from the Wimmera plains contained within this state park. It is without question one of Australia's best rock climbing areas. More than 2,000 routes have been developed on the many cliffs, crags and pinnacles. Walking and cycling tracks give access to the wildflowers seen in spring.

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