Mirboo North

Mirboo North marks the approximate half way point on the picturesque Grand Ridge Road. The farming town sits high in the Strzelecki Ranges. Dairying and forestry have been a staple industry of the area for many years. Onions and potatoes are also cultivated.

Location: 156 km south east of Melbourne on the Strzelecki Highway.

Lyrebird Forest Walk: an easy one and a half hour bushwalk through native forests, typical of the South Gippsland region. The Superb Lyrebird is often seen in patches of dense scrub along the track. Fully grown it is about the size of a large chicken. The male has a set of ornate tail feathers which it spreads in display when performing on its mound in the forest. Early settlers likened the shape of these feathers to that of the lyre, an ancient stringed instrument.

Points of Interest: Strzelecki Ranges; Dickie’s Hill Reserve; Baths Road Bush Reserve; Grand Ridge Brewery.

Brief History: Explorer Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki passed through the area in 1840. It was not until the 1880s that settlers in search of new land moved south into the area, its plentiful forests of mountain ash attracting loggers first.

Grand Ridge Road snakes 132km along the ridge of Victoria’s Strzelecki Ranges between the Latrobe Valley and South Gippsland. The ever-changing scenery encompasses the green Latrobe Valley to Mt. Baw Baw to the north and to the sandy beaches and blue waters of the Bass Coast and Wilsons Promontory to the south.

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